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Piano Keys

It's Time To Continue Our Piano Journey!

Summer Session 2022
June 20th - August 25th

While the seasons change and the school year comes to an end, the constant joy of music remains steadfast. More piano adventures await you this summer!

It's time for summer piano adventures!

Throughout the pandemic, we have navigated through new, sometimes rocky, educational terrain. Disadvantages had to be transformed into advantages. New ways of learning required extra patience and understanding. The past few years have been both physically challenging and mentally demanding. It's been an adventure, to say the least.


The journey has been longer than any of us anticipated, but its also been inspiring. We've been reminded of what really matters in our lives. Music is one of those things; it continues to provide a consistent means of expression, connection and unity, even through turbulent times. Thank you for sticking with me, and most importantly, sticking with music on this crazy adventure!

As we near the completion of our current school year, I am very excited to share my summer adventure options with you. Students, reflect on your inner compass, map out your path to musical success and choose the adventure below that best suits your piano journey! Maybe it's time to explore something new! 

Why is it important to take summer piano lessons?


Students have more free time in the summer.  During the school year, they have limited time for piano practice due to homework constraints.


Summer distractions are minimal, allowing for more focus on music instead of thinking about homework, projects or tests.


Summer lessons increase creativity.  Students have time to explore different types of musical styles, compose their own song, or explore music bridges opportunities.


Students keep moving forward. Piano progress is a lot like physical fitness. If you take the summer off, you lose what you did not use. This re-learning process can be very frustrating, but thankfully, it's avoidable.


Piano playing provides a healthy alternative to "screen time." Piano lessons provide a schedule break from video games, phones and television.


Every child deserves the lifelong benefits and joys that come from music, especially the foundation of all instruments—the piano.  My summer program offers a variety of fun choices for students!

Reserving Your Spot

Palmer Piano Studio policy is that students must take a minimum of 6 thirty-minute lessons or 4 forty-five minute lessons throughout the summer to reserve their spot for fall.

Getting Ahead

Summer is a great time for starting new students. It puts them ahead of the curve for fall lessons instead of waiting and adding one more new thing to a new school year.

Flexible Scheduling

Summer scheduling is easy. Done entirely online, each lesson is individually scheduled so you can pick and choose what works for your family, week by week.

Tuition and Scheduling

Lesson will begin Monday, June 20th and end Thursday, August 25th.

*Remember, all students must take a minimum of 6 thirty-minute lessons or 4 forty-five minute lessons throughout the summer to reserve their spot for fall.*

Tuition rates for summer remain unchanged and are listed below. Families will indicate on their summer registration form how they intend to pay: in full by June 15, half by June 15 and remaining balance by July 15 or weekly. Invoices reflecting payment selection will be emailed in mid June and may be paid via check, Venmo or Wix. Payments made via Wix incur a 4% transaction fee. Please note: tuition for all summer lessons must be received prior to when the lesson is given.

Time slots will be offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the daytime. Limited evening spots are also offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please reserve the evening spots for families who cannot make a daytime lesson work. A few Friday mornings are also offered when there is a holiday or I have a conflict earlier in the week. No lessons are taught on weekends.

30-minute lessons
minimum of 6

$25 each

$26 via Wix

45-minute lessons
minimum of 4

$37.50 each

$39 via Wix

Summer Piano Adventures

Like all epic adventures, these piano adventures have been specifically designed to give students choices and variety, while also ensuring summer lessons are refreshing, fun and memorable.

Child hiking

Adventure #1
Custom Piano Lessons

Standard piano lessons with a custom twist! This piano adventure consists of tailored instruction that accommodates parent and student requests, as well as student interests and desires. Need help? Share your student's interests and hobbies and recommendations will be provided.

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