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Let's get back to face-to-face piano lessons

(Updated 07/29/2021)

Beginning July 12th, vaccinated students who are willing and able to follow the protocols listed below will have the option of attending their lessons in person in my studio. Online lessons via Zoom will still be available.

Beginning August 2nd, all students who are willing and able to follow the protocols listed below will have the option of attending lessons in person in my studio. Again, online lessons via Zoom will remain available.


This phased in approach will help me manage safety and exposure, as well as volume. One of the challenges of running a packed studio is making sure I have enough time between families for cleaning and minimized passing, but still enough time to teach all my students. My goal is to be teaching 100% in person this fall for all who would like face-to-face lessons, so this summer is my "practice run." Thanks for your help and your patience! 

Face-to-Face Lesson Requirements

Be Flexible with Time

A few minutes of each lesson will be devoted to cleaning and sanitizing common surfaces, including the piano keys. If you are not ok with your lesson being cut a bit short for this purpose, please stick with online lessons.

Check for Symptoms

Before attending an in person lesson, all students must complete a COVID-19 symptom checker. This includes using a thermometer to check their temperature. If any symptoms are present, students must stay home. You'll be asked if you did this prior to being let into the studio.

Mask Up

Since I'm in the high risk group for COVID-19 due to my age, masks are still required, even for those who have been vaccinated. If you forget your mask, disposable masks will be available. If you are unable/unwilling to wear a mask throughout your entire lesson, please stick with online lessons.

Sanitize Often

Students will be asked to sanitize in front of me before they start their lesson and again at the end. I'll also sanitize in front of them. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Use Tissues on Door Knobs

Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible. Internal doors will be left open and external door knobs should be opened/closed with a disposable tissue. Tissues and waste receptacles will be provided.

Use the Bathroom Elsewhere

My restroom will be closed - true emergencies only! Please prepare and use the bathroom elsewhere before you arrive for your lesson.

Waiting Room Closed

My waiting room will be closed. Parents and siblings should wait in their car until it is time for their lesson. Parents should not sit in on lessons unless it is absolutely necessary and this must be requested and approved at least 24 hours in advance.

Don't Be Too Early

To minimize passing between families, please do not arrive early to your lesson. If you do arrive early, please wait in your car until it is time for your lesson to start. Once it's time for your lesson to start, text me. I will respond, ask you if you completed the symptom checker and then unlock the doors.

Reschedule to Online

When in doubt, sit it out!
If you feel tired, feel "off" or have any symptoms of any illness, do not come to an in person piano lesson. Also, please avoid cancelling if at all possible. Instead, switch to an online lesson, even if it's the last minute. Just let me know!

Scheduling Face-to-Face Lessons

Already have a lesson scheduled that you want to be face-to-face?
Email me and let me know at least 24 hours in advance. Be sure to include the date and time. I cannot accommodate surprise face-to-face lessons at this time, so students who show up in-person without advance notice will be turned away and will need to reschedule.

*Pro Tip*
You need to notify me if you plan to attend face-to-face for a lesson that is booked online as "30 Minute Lesson - Summer Session" or "45 Minute Lesson - Summer Session." If the online booking says "Studio" in it, I already know it's face to face.

Need to schedule a lesson and want it to be face-to-face?
Schedule it online and be sure to select the option that reflects your choice - 30 minutes via Zoom, 30 minutes in studio, 45 minutes via Zoom or 45 minutes in studio.


Only vaccinated students may schedule face to face lessons between July 12th and August 1st.

All students can schedule face to face lessons for August 2nd and thereafter.
Your honesty will allow us to phase in more students quickly and as planned; if I find that families are not respecting and following the protocols, all lessons will return to Zoom.


If someone in your family tests positive for COVID-19 or is informed they have been exposed, please inform me ASAP.
Likewise, I will inform you if any known exposures occur at Palmer Piano Studio.

While my goal is to continue teaching face-to-face once we start phasing back in, I reserve the right to change plans and switch back to online lessons if exposures occur or safety protocols are violated. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Covid-19 Policy Acknowledgement

Please fill out once per family. Must be filled out by an adult.

Thank you!

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